Homestay & Retreats


DDF invites people from all walks of life – students, educationists, professionals, volunteers, and foreigners etc. to visit our project area, village and help refine, strengthen our endeavor by sharing their knowledge, experience and by volunteering in our ongoing ventures.

Individuals, groups, technical and management students, corporate sector yearning for rural exposure and learning are encouraged to visit our project site, to our learning lab and to propagate the ideas elsewhere. Those interested in brief retreats are also encouraged to be our co-travelers.

As part of the project, efforts are made to mobilize, encourage villagers to be part of the “Satya Home-Stay” network that DDF intends to promote in the region. Objective is to give opportunity to villagers to utilize their spare rooms for generating revenues and obviously for offering homely stay to the visitors in rural settings. Interested families, households are oriented, sensitized and are made to modify (if necessary) the spare room in their household on offer as per the norms or industry standards. Linkages with financial institutions, Govt schemes, tour operators, other similar networks are made by DDF accordingly. Promotion through website, social media is done by DDF. Visitors are encouraged to participate and contribute in activities (farming, cattle management) as per their interests and skills.

    Clubbed with

  • • Display and workable models of
    • - Butter-churning (traditional)
    • - Dhaan kutne ki machine (traditional)
    • - Atta pisne ki Chakki
    • - Utensils – Patha, Man, Suppa
    • - Kheti-bari ke tools and equipments
    • - Chaani with charpai
    • - Traditional bee hives, bee keeping
  • • Indulging in village, farm activities
    • - Managing Cattles
    • - Milking
    • - Ploughing,
    • - Harvesting,
    • - Storing,
    • - Chaffing,
  • • Birding
  • • Rendezvous with Star and Constellations
  • • Hiking (explore small hikes.)
  • • Picnic
    • – self cooking
    • – community feast and eating
    • – About village life